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WESCOR = experience + products + expertise = green HVAC solutions
Experience. Since our beginning in 1979, Wescor has always specialized in green and energy-saving products.
We cover Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Southern California, and Washington and know the technologies and products that work best for our region.
Check out a sampling of our installations.
Products. Wescor represents some of the most innovative manufacturers of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly HVAC equipment in the world.
We can often recommend products that perform more than one function, such as water heater heat pumps that provide both hot water and air conditioning.
Expertise. Our offices in Portland, San Diego, and Seattle are staffed by knowledgeable people who can provide design assistance, information on the latest technologies, technical seminars such as lunch-and-learns, and advice on LEED and DOE issues.
We know local utility rebates and tax credits and can help you apply.
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Introducing Wescor

Heat pump water heaters transform waste heat or ambient air into hot water and air conditioning

Hybrid water source heat pump systems--the best way to simultaneously heat and cool

SolarWall transpired solar collectors provide free pre-heating of outside air

Evaporative cooling is the greenest and cheapest way to cool

Air Zone—quality, quiet custom air handling units

DX dehumidifiers are the most energy-efficient and effective way to dehumidify pool rooms

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective energy resource
Hybrid water source heat pump systems video
Introducing Wescor video
Evaporative cooling video
SolarWall video